A funny thing happened when I started writing this blog...

It’s good business sense to write a blog. Everyone knows that right?! 

So I sat down to write about a month ago with every intention of writing a blog about coaching.

But a funny thing happened when I sat down to write.

I started several different blogs, over the course of several weeks, and every single time what I ended up writing about was a personal experience.  How difficult it was to recover and rebuild after we lost our home, and almost lost our lives, in the 2003 Canberra bushfires; the deeply spiritual experience of being with my mother during the last six weeks of her life; the challenges of having a child with severe allergies; and the messy juggle of being a working mother.

These are not experiences that happened yesterday folks. These all happened many years ago. I worked through them. They’re not part of my present life. So, I was really surprised when that’s what I started writing about.

My kids aren’t little anymore. They’re 16, 19 and 21 and all taller than me. Why the hell would I want to write about juggling young kids and work?! What could possibly be left to say about the fires? It was so long ago!

I think it’s because looking back I see the experiences through a different lens now – the mistakes I’ve made, how tough I was on myself, the lessons I’ve learned.

These are the experiences that helped me grow and develop into the person I am today. I feel I need to honour them, and in doing that perhaps I might help others in a similar situation. Because honestly, it was friggin’ hard a lot of the time. I just got on with it and people would say to me “you’re amazing”, “how do you do so much?” I didn’t realize that I was living in a state of constant exhaustion. I didn't realise how hard I was pushing myself. I didn't realise that my 75% was someone else's 100%.

So I’m going with the flow and letting what needs to emerge rise to the surface.

I’ve also decided to be more open and honest about my spirituality because I believe it is integral to the work I’m here to do – which is helping others to hear the whispers of their soul and bravely and courageously follow their soul’s calling.

I’m listening to the calling of my soul, which is saying “write a book”. So I am. I’m writing a book. Holy hell, I’m writing a book!!!

I feel nervous and vulnerable and there are lots of ‘what ifs’…What if I never finish it? What if no-one wants to read it? What if people think I’m a nutty as a fruitcake? What if people think it’s crap?

But I’m writing the bloody book anyway.

I’m writing it because the whisper of my soul is getting louder.

I'm writing it because I can't put a lid on what wants to emerge.

I'm writing it because a funny thing keeps happening when I try to write a blog.