My coaching is very holistic, following not just the mind, but working with the deep wisdom of the heart and body. 

My coaching style is inspired by a process-oriented approach to human development and change.

Process Oriented Psychology, also known as Process Work, is at the cutting edge of psychology, conflict facilitation, and organisational and social change. As a process-work informed coach, I follow my client's unique developmental journey, as indicated by their goals, specific challenges they face, and a range of contextual factors. I help clients to discover and develop new ways to release the power and potential in situations, and in themselves. 


The fabric of change

“The various levels of problems and issues are interwoven, so that solving any one of them without simultaneously addressing the others rarely works for long.” - Dr Arnold Mindell, author and founder of Process Work

Opening up to the unknown

“Process Work investigates our known world and opens up to the unknown, the mysterious and inexplicable elements of life that are the potential seeds of new life and creativity. It is about exploring aspects of ourselves and our world, which we tend to ignore or throw away. In this way, life becomes a continually evolving, creative, unpredictable and numinous experience.” - Dr Amy Mindell, Process Work therapist and teacher