"We each have within us an aching that is craving to be met. It's not a physical ache and it isn't a mental one. It's much deeper than either of those. 

We came into this life with it, and if it's not tended to, it will be right there when we die. It drives our deepest desires (our best decision and our worst). It's lying beside us when we wake up in the night and while we make a cup of tea. It's there through the highs and all of the lows. The ache is our soul calling, and no matter what you do to ignore it, numb it out, or die it down, it will never go away. 

Until we take the time to invite it to sit down and share with us, we will always feel a little uncomfortable. A touch off-kilter. Life something isn't quite right. Answer the ache."  - Rebecca Campbell, "Light is the New Black"  

Soul-based coaching helps you listen to the voice of your soul and answer the ache. 

I am passionate about bringing about a greater balance of masculine and feminine energy in our world. I particularly love working with women and helping them grow and develop their strength and their inner light. Now, more than ever, we need to honour the sacred feminine in all her divine beauty and power. I love helping people recognise the sacred feminine that dwells within all of us - male and female. 

Soul-based coaching is for those who want to delve a little deeper and work on a more spiritual level. 

Client feedback: I didn't go with a specific goal in mind. I just knew I wanted to be better. To do life better. To be a better version of myself. It's a journey. I don't think it is one we ever complete; but with Liz's intuition, empathy, openness and innate desire to see people grow, I feel supported. And seen. And connected. And I know that little by little, whether it is the questions she asks me that ring around in my head for the next 2 months, or the books she lends me, or the videos she shares.. whether it's the guided visualisations, or the thought provoking questions; little by little I find myself creeping closer to the person I was always meant to be. The person I am inside.  I couldn't recommend Liz highly enough. She is my soul coach. - S.H.